Complex Business and Commercial Litigation

High-stakes litigation threatens even the most vigilant of businesses. Increasingly intricate corporate transactions, intensified competition, regulatory investigations, and opportunistic litigants can generate complex litigation scenarios. When these situations arise, we guide you through the minefield with focus, creativity, and an unrelenting drive to achieve our clients’ objectives.

We can take your case to trial, or we can help you avoid the courtroom. We seek to achieve your goals, not our own. We work to understand the objectives and needs of your business, and then we work with you to develop a strategy to achieve them as efficiently as possible.

RUNNYMEDE law group represents Fortune 500 companies, closely held businesses, and individuals in complex commercial litigation. The firm successfully represents clients in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, insurance services, commercial real estate, health care, retail, securities, telecommunications, and chemical manufacturing.

We have represented clients in federal and state courtrooms across the country in a variety of cases, including:

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