Dispute Resolution

At RUNNYMEDE law group, we are prepared to litigate your case to final judgment, through trial and appeal. But we recognize that a more efficient resolution often is in the client’s best interest. We have assisted many businesses and professionals in reaching negotiated resolutions of disputes. Our clients include commercial enterprises, entrepreneurs, physicians, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals in successful businesses and closely held partnerships. We have achieved satisfactory dispute resolution through direct negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and creative strategies for avoiding costly conflict. We also have a proven record of success in enforcing arbitration agreements.

We believe in negotiating from a position of strength. Clients frequently hire us because they know that if negotiations turn sour, we stand ready to take their case to trial and prevail. But many disputes can, and should, be resolved without litigation. In such cases, we use a variety of dispute resolution tools to achieve an efficient and favorable result for each client.

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